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The Journal of Scientific and Mathematical Research publishes original research and reviews in the widest range of fields. The Journal seeks to unify all branches of scientific and mathematical inquiry by publishing the highest quality, peer-reviewed research in a very broad range of topics of current interest.

Manuscript submissions to the Journal of Scientific and Mathematical Research are posted immediately and peer-reviewed by the open scientific community, rather than by 2 or 3 people in a blind peer-review process. Reviews are therefore rigorous yet unbiased. The open (not anonymous) refereeing of manuscripts eliminates spurious or biased rejection of manuscripts by overworked or competing referees. Referees are required to post a clear justification of any rejections by openly citing errors relative to a list of errors.

As an open-access journal, the Journal of Scientific and Mathematical Research gives full access to peer-reviewed scholarly research to anyone with internet access. The Journal boasts the largest referee pool available, and all referees are self-selected based on their own interests and search patterns. Any researcher with a terminal degree in a relevant technical field or with previously published research may volunteer as a referee and accept manuscripts for publication during the review process. Rejection of manuscripts, however, may be done by anyone holding a bachelors degree, or its equivalent, in a relevant technical field.

Anyone may view articles and submit manuscripts for publication.

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ISSN: 1940-0098 (Print)
ISSN: 1940-0101 (Online)

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